Coffee Minus The Volume

There are different types of coffee. There classic ones that are treated as art by enthusiast.  In different countries, there has been a variety of exotic brews that often taste like anything but coffee.

There is a certain way of brewing coffee that has really caught the interest of today’s generation. No, I am not talking about Macchiatos and any of those flashy Starbucks blends. I am talking about the elixir of gods, Espresso!

This brewing process was invented by the same people who glamorized wineries and social liquor, Italians. They also created gelato ice cream and signature fashion bags that could cost more than my annual salary. The notoriety of the Italian culture of glamorizing basic necessities yield a quality standards that compensates for their high prices. It is safe to say that they treat Espresso the same way.

This brewing process is pretty complicated for first time onlookers but it is easy to handle when you get the hang of it. It is the only brewing process that extracts the 800 aromatic compounds in roasted coffee beans while filtering tannic acids that causes the bitter tastes present in other coffee brews. When done the wrong way, tannic acids will leak to the brew and will defeat the whole purpose of the Espresso process.

It is grounded thoroughly to a point where eight aromatic extracts could all be utilized and expressed the best way into one brew. Some of these aromatic compounds are very susceptible to air and moisture that in less than a few minutes it will be extracted from coffee. That is why common coffee smell better than it tastes. As every coffee oil has been extracted to the brew, it will leave a caramel aftertaste that is trapped near the taste receptors on the back of the tongue and throat. It will last for at least 20 minutes! Explosive caramel goodness!

This brewing process can get pretty tricky when done with sub standard equipment. After all, quality products come from quality production. The good news is this brewing process can be done at home. All you need is a trusty espresso maker. Be careful when buying because some prices might lure you to low quality Espressos. Follow ESPRESSO DEN for more tweets about this whole espresso craze!

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